Fight Hunger Kid Activist Challenge

Hi, I'm Rebekah Gienapp, blogger at The Barefoot Mommy and a 20+ year hunger activist. Let's experience the power of kid activism together as we fight hunger with this simple challenge!

Are you raising big-hearted kids who want to change the world?  

Is your family overwhelmed by how huge the problem of hunger is in our nation and world? 

Do you want to grow activist kids who wil speak up for what's right?

In this FREE 5 day challenge you will:

Get a free daily action step to help kids (ages 4 - 12) understand world hunger and take concrete steps to end it. Each step takes no more than 20 minutes to complete.

Receive a list of widely availble children's books about hunger + a discussion guide.

Learn why charity is not enough to end hunger. We'll go beyond canned food drives to get to root causes.

Experience the power of kid activism. You'll build an activist toolkit that you can use to take on any issue your kids are passionate about.

Become part of a private Facebook community of like-minded familes who want to end hunger and grow kid activists. 

Invite your friends to join the challenge